Our mission is to continuously improve the interaction between our users, and help people move towards their goals.

Since 2003, we have been developing innovative technologies for ordering rides, freight transportation, shopping and delivery, roadside assistance, making our services more modern, accessible, and safe.

Accounting for the specific features of big cities and small towns, we give our users a unified service so that they can effectively interact with each other. Order services in the most convenient way. Complete orders with optimized search process, as well as reduced empty runs and idle time.

The company's path of continuous improvement led to a division of labor, with everyone performing a specialized role. Some people would build a cutting-edge contact center and train operators, some — develop software and provide technical support or attract the users, and the others would do the driving.

Today the services involve the teamwork of specialists in a wide variety of disciplines.

As of January 2022, the service includes over 1000 cities of operation around the world.

In each city, we step up the competition, work for the benefit of both the people and the economy.

We created an industry-specific digital platform where our users could interact with each other directly several years before it became a global trend. Back in 2007, our drivers put down their radios and instead started using our mobile app to work with orders. Our innovative approach to business and the desire to answer the ever-changing demands of our clients allow us to take an active part in the transformation and establishment of the current market of transportation services.

We are proud that our ambition and hard work have produced this system that supports our ongoing operations and provides analytics for agile management of the business.

Our goal is to become a global brand, giving people the opportunity to use the Maxim service as they travel to different cities and countries.

We love creating technologies and a business that are on par with our industry's leading global companies.

It’s time to go!